NSWBA Payment Guide


Given the ongoing COVID-19 situation we are all conscious that cash handling represents a risk of transmitting the virus.  We are therefore keen to encourage greater use of non-cash payment methods.  With online bridge still the norm, such methods are essential.

This guide summarises how you can pay for events and shows how to do it.

What payment options do I have?

The options available to you depend whether you are a member of the Sydney Bridge Centre or not:

Payment method Member of Sydney Bridge Centre Not a member of Sydney Bridge Centre
Online card (Stripe) YES YES
Prepayment account (PP) YES NO


What can I pay for?

  • State championships
  • Monday night events
  • NSWBA and SBC Congresses


How do I use a prepayment account?

Members of Sydney Bridge Centre may set up, or already have, a prepayment account.  This account can also be used to pay for bridge entries.

You can choose to run an account which you periodically “top-up” with funds.  Those funds can be used to pay for your bridge – whether it be regular duplicate games at Sydney Bridge Centre or entries to NSWBA State tournaments.

When making your entry, simply nominate that you wish to pay using “PP” and the funds will be taken from your account when the event starts.

You can set up a new PP account online, and you can also top-up your account with funds.

You do this through the Sydney Bridge Centre online payments page which is accessible here:



How do I pay online?

You will be provided with a link to a payment page after you have submitted your entry to an event.

How do I use it?

You need to enter the relevant event first – which you do from the main NSWBA website.

After you have entered, you will be assigned a 5 digit entry number and a link to the online payment portal page which will allow to you pay with your credit card.

For example suppose you want to pay for the NSWBA State Online Pairs.  Click on the blue button to pay:


This will bring up a new window on your screen:

You next need to complete the details here:

  • Entry ID – insert your 5 digit entry ID so we can identify your entry. DO NOT ENTER YOUR ABF NUMBER!
  • You are able to pay for a pair, or as an individual. The default is set to a pair.  To just pay for yourself, select from the dropdown listing:

  • Name – insert your name as another way we can identify you
  • Email – you will be sent a payment receipt to this email address
  • Credit or debit card – complete your card details

When you are finished, click the blue pay button at the bottom.

This will securely transmit the information to Stripe, an online payment provider, which will process the transaction.

The system will then take the payment from your card (if there is a problem with the card for any reason you will get an error message).

If everything works, you should see a green tick on the screen followed by a confirmation that looks something like this:


Is it safe?

Yes.  In several ways:

  1. The webpage from which the payment details are input is a secure page (this means its formal address starts with https instead of the regular http). This can be seen by the lock symbol to the left of the page address in your web browser:
  2. Stripe, the payment provider, will not interact with any system that is not secure in this manner. Stripe is one of the most well known online payment providers these days – it is also the provider the ABF used for its Daily bridge column last year and will be using in its new systems next year.
  3. Your card details are not stored – they are encrypted and securely sent to Stripe that way. Stripe in turn uses encryption to link to the card provider to process the payments.

This is therefore no different to using your card to pay for a bridge event (e.g. if you use the eWay system to pay for your entry to the Gold Coast Congress) or for any other online purchase.


What if something goes wrong?

If you think something has gone wrong with your payment, or you are not sure of anything please contact the office.

We receive details of all successful payments made, and we also have an account with Stripe where we can see what has and has not been charged.  If you have paid something you did not mean to, we are also able to reverse it.